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Bill Jax Stage Decks

Our Bil-Jax stage decks come in panel measurement of 4x4 and 4x2 with some custom pieces available. It is an industrial, load-bearing grade system that can be used for concert stages, pep-rallies, school plays and many other uses indoor and out.

We also use this to create leveled flooring systems for our tents and structures. With variable height adjustments the applications are limitless. We carry accessory pieces such as steps, handrails, and handicap ramps built to code.

Wenger Stage Decks

Our Wenger stage decks come in a panel measurement of 3x6. These are used for lighter applications and come at a standard height of 16 inches. We can also adapt these panels for use.as an all-black outdoor dance floor.


Our carpeting is used to cover flooring systems and stages alike. We stock black and green turf-grade but can order any color and grade you like.

Dance Floors

Our 3x4 dance floor panels are a party and wedding favorite. They come in black and white, so your floor can be solid or set up in a check pattern. We can use these panels indoors and out.

PortaPath Floorings

Our PortaPath flooring option is for light duty applications and for ground protection. It is a roll-out flooring made of commercial grade plastic so it can be driven over to some extent.

Crowd Control

Bicycle Rack Barricade
8 Feet Length
White Picket Fence
6 Feet Length
Chrome Stanchions
Burgundy Rope
Red Rope
Blue Rope
Black Stanchions
Retractable Rope


3 Tier
8 Feet Length
Seats 15-20 People
5 Tier
9 Feet Length
Seats 30-40 People
5 Tier
15 Feet Length
Seats 75-80 People
Single Bench Seat

Pipe & Drape

Our Pipe and Drape system comes in two heights: 8ft and 3ft. It is used for various applications such as trade shows, stage backdrops, room division, and perimeter decoration. We carry royal blue, black, and white.